Learn About Typing and Keyboard Exercises


The QWERTY typing keyboard that most are familiar is but one of the different models in the world today. It began as a solution to a mechanical problem of stuck keys; now its popularity lies in its use to enter information and commands into a computer. While the prevalence of the QWERTY keyboard might signify its complete dominance, other types of keyboards do exist. The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard is a little-used alternative, while the keyboard called the AZERTY is used in Belgium and France. The most commonplace alternative to the QWERTY exists as software on the screen of a smartphone. But the most familiar alternate keyboard used today belongs to the stenotype machines of court reporters. But for all intents and purposes, the QWERTY keyboard is the keyboard that almost everyone will end up using in their lifetime.

Typing is a basic office skill. Most worldwide tech-jobs require computer users to enter information accurately and quickly. Whatever keyboard they use, they will need to practice their skills. Games, exercises, and learning and training programs, are available for beginners to move on to an advanced level in no time at all.


FreeTypingGame.net – There is never a better time to learn typing than early in life. FreeTypingGame.net has some great games for children that they might have heard of, such as Keyboard Revolution and Meteor Typing Blast.

Vocabulary.co.il – highschool teachers struggle to get teenagers to play along with typing games. But this site is great for creating lesson plans that teach typing and vocabulary, so high schoolers can develop their keyboard literacy skills too.

Dancemat Typing – BBC.com created this great suite of games for children ages 7-11. Scorecards make class exercises competitive and offline games use worksheets to reinforce skills.

Alfa Free Typing Games – these sets of games are excellent for older teenagers and can be used to teach typing skills in adult education classes. The best thing about this suite of games is the excellent computer graphics.

Typing Class for iPad (Games) – games and classes combine on the popular iPad and teach lessons for quick and accurate skills.

iOS Typing Games – 10 iOS Games for Improving Your Touchscreen Typing.

Lisisoft - free typing apps for the iPod and the iPad.


Keybr.com – this site is a good stopping point for the child who has learned the keyboard and now has to learn how to type words. Error and speed reports track progress.

Type Fast Typing Tutor – excellent app for the beginning typist, ready to be downloaded onto an iPod or iPad.

Tapwriter – Exercises and games to learn typing on an Android phone.


FreeOnlineTypingGames.com – different typing test for speed and accuracy that use meaningful text for learners.

TypingTest.com – recommended for adults over the age of 50, these games not only teach typing skills, but are proven to improve brain agility.

iPhone Typing Test - Just in case someone wanted to know their iPhone typing speed.

Learning and Training Programs

TypingWeb.com – getting teenagers to learn typing is fraught with difficulties. This site excels because of its tutorials to help teenagers overcome their anxiety, take advantage of their innate keyboard knowledge, and in no time, intuitively type quickly and accurately.

English Type Senior – it cannot be overstated how important it is for the acquisition of literacy skills. For adults who are looking to expand their vocabulary and learn how to type, the combined application of these skills will pay dividends.

PowerTyping.com – lessons are provided for adults to learn how to use any type of keyboard in the world.

The Typing Playground – with 64 different lessons and 80 practice sessions, students learn a fun twist to mastery of the keyboard.

Touch Typing Tutor – free download of the latest version supports learning with lessons and different tutoring sessions with instant feedback.

How to Improve Your Typing with Tap Typing – article and hints about learning to type on the iPad.