Learn About Fun Quizzes and Tests

The Internet has grown into a hub of communication, a place to meet friends and socialize, a source for news, a research tool, an avenue for self-expression, a marketplace, and a source of endless entertainment. The Internet brings us movies, television shows, funny home videos, music, memes, jokes, literature, among other diversions. Online games and quizzes can help us pass the time, and help us learn more about ourselves into the bargain. Here are some online games and quizzes you might enjoy:

Trivia Games

Everyone loves some trivia! Entertain yourself and your friends with these online trivia quizzes:

Personality and Psychology Self-Tests

Personality and psychology self-tests, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, give us some insight into ourselves. We can use the results of these tests to decide which occupations might best suit us, which people we might be most compatible with, or which living situations might make us most comfortable.

Logic and Reasoning Games

Logic games help us sharpen our critical thinking abilities. Stay mentally sharp with some of these brain-training games:

  • In Netwalk, rotate the puzzles pieces so that all the computers are connected to the network and there aren’t any loose ends.
  • Lights Out – click on a cell to turn off the “lights” in that cell and in the surrounding cells. How many moves will it take you to turn all the lights out?
  • In TenPair, remove every pair of numbers that adds up to ten.
  • The Japanese game Nurikabe is based on the binary system.
  • In Unblock It, clear the way for the red block to escape from the puzzle! You have a limited number of moves, so be careful!
  • Make the dummy fall by clicking on objects and sparking chain reactions, in Save the Dummy.
  • Play the popular game Bedazzled online for free.
  • An online jigsaw puzzle by Steve White.
  • You have a limited number of moves to eliminate all of the duplicate bombs in Shooter.
  • Put the rocks in their proper places by pushing them, in Sokoban.
  • Put the pieces together so that the numbered sides match each other in Vexed.

Memory and Concentration Games

Concentration is a classic card game used to improve memory. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Memory games strengthen your ability to concentrate and remember. They’re good for young children and adults alike, and can help support cognitive performance as you age.