Integer Sequence Resources

The following is a guide that provides information on how to solve integer sequences, permutations and combinations. The guide includes online calculators, videos as guides, tutorials, lesson plans and other types of informative pages explaining math equations and terms.

How to Calculate Integer Sequences

How to Solve Permutation Problems

How to Solve Combination Problems

  • MathisFunAdvanced: This website explains the differences between combinations and permutations and gives users a host of examples to help them work through combination problems.
  • MathWarehouse: MathWarehouse provides examples and explanations of combination equations. It also includes interactive games and a graphic calculator.
  • MathWithLarry: MathWithLarry has explanations for simple combination problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
  • Mathwire: A fun mathematics blog that gives a good description of simple combination problems. The blog is an offshoot of MathWire, a website that includes other helpful math-related resources that younger students will find helpful.
  • WonderHowTo: WonderHowTo offers users an informative short video on how to solve combination problems.