Clinton Climate Initiative

The Clinton Climate Initiative was established by former President Bill Clinton to research causes of climate change and implement programs to deal with the natural phenomenon. The initiative was established in 2006, with the hope of fighting climate change in practical and effective ways. Currently, the initiative is working with major cities on a global scale to identify the needs resulting from climate change and potential solutions that will reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Clinton Climate Initiative Programs

Currently, the Clinton Climate Initiative is involved with four basic programs:

C40 Cities

- This program encompasses 40 large cities around the globe that have demonstrated a commitment to fighting climate change. Cities are located worldwide on six major continents, with every area of the world equally represented in this quest. The Clinton Climate Initiative works in partnership with the C40, since their collaboration was established in 2006. Together, the organizations are committed to finding sustainable actions that are designed to reverse climate change on a global scale.

Clean Energy

- The Clinton Climate Initiative is also dedicated to the research and implementation of clean energy that will reduce the world’s dependence on oil and uncover environmentally-friendly ways of powering needs on a global scale. The initiative focuses primarily on solar energy and energies that effectively capture and store carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Retrofit Program

- This program is dedicated to finding energy-efficient ways to retrofit buildings with products that will reduce energy consumption. To this end, the Clinton Climate Initiative has partnered with other companies to research, develop and manufacture products that meet this energy goal.

Forestry Conservation and Restoration

- Another concern in the Clinton Climate Initiative is with the destruction of natural forests around the globe. The initiative features a program to protect these natural habitats and restore them to their original state. Programs are focused on key countries, including Cambodia, Tanzania, Kenya and Indonesia.

Recent Work of the Clinton Climate Initiative

Some of the recent ways the Clinton Climate Initiative has made a real difference include:

  • Partnership with Honeywell to produce environmentally friendly products for the home and office that can be retrofitted into buildings to reduce energy consumption.
  • New partnership with Wal-Mart to find affordable ways to offer affordable sustainable technologies to individual residences and businesses.
  • Work with the President’s Climate Commitment to increase energy efficiency at college campuses across the United States.
  • A program within the country of Kenya to rehabilitate the Enoosupukia Forest Trust land to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the area from further climate change.

The Practicality of the Clinton Climate Initiative

When President Clinton established the Clinton Climate Initiative, he did so with the idea this action would produce effective programs to produce measurable results. The initiative operates in cooperation with companies, political groups and nonprofit organizations that are equally dedicated to the work of environmental protection in order to prevent climate change. Work begins with local communities, but extends to countries and even works on a global scale.

President Clinton is known for his ability to focus on the most important issues facing populations, and finding practical ways to deal with those issues directly. The Clinton Global Initiative is another example of the former president using his experience, knowledge and practicality to address global issues directly and find solutions that change the overall environment of various regions. The Clinton Climate Initiative follows a similar pattern, partnering with companies and other organizations that are primed in positions where they are truly able to make a difference.

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