Aviation and Airplane Resources

Perhaps you have decided to take that pilot’s license and turn it into a career. What’s the next step? Do you need to brush up on the latest in airplane safety guidelines or news in the industry? What about some thrill-seeking in your time off? This article will provide resources for work, play and everything in between to stay on top of the sky.

Flights and Delays

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tracks flight delays throughout the United States.
  • Flight Arrivals: Real time arrivals as well as route maps, seat maps and flight statistics.
  • Flight Stats: Up-to-date information schedules and delays across the world. Also has mobile support and apps.
  • OAG: Aviation intelligence leader for flight, cargo and traveler information.
  • Quick Trip has information on schedules and delays worldwide.

Weather Information

  • Aviation Weather Center: The Federal government’s official aviation weather information.
  • The Weather Channel has a detailed resource for weather and flight delays.
  • CSC DUATS collects up-to-the-minute weather and flight plan information. Free for all registered U.S. pilots.

Airplane Safety

  • Aviation Safety Network: Current statistics on flight safety and breaking news for pilots and travelers.
  • Fly Safe is the FAA’s website providing information for travelers on flight safety and practices.
  • The FAA also maintains detailed accident and incident data for flights in the United States.
  • National Transportation Safety Board releases annual reports on flight safety and incidents.

Flight Planning

Worldwide Aviation Agencies

Recreational Aviation

For Students

  • AOPA has detailed instructions for getting a pilot’s license and understanding flight safety.
  • Cessna, leading manufacturer of small engine planes, offers flight schools and resources to get you in the air.
  • The FAA has a detailed FAQ on getting your pilot’s license and federal certification.


Small prop plane at Saskatoon’s John G. Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatchewan.

(Image by SriMesh. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)